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about us

Japan Punch Needle Association (JPNA) is offering

this new handicraft for many people.

Introducing basic production methods, tools, materials, etc. 
so that you can enjoy it and everyone's sense.

We hope that you will be able to express yourself lively

and play an active role. 

We, who like to make, are always thinking.

"What is your expression?"
"What kind of world do you like ..."

You can surely find it through making it.

JPNA  support your creative mind.

What do you need to express yourself ...?

Important thing is that your heart feel "nice"

Knowing a lot of tools, materials and techniques

is very important to express it.

We would like to be an organization that can support such things.

Japan Punch Needle Association

Name: Japan Punch Needle Association (JPNA)
Established ... July 2020
President ... Chizuko Soma
Vice President … Kazuhiko Tanabe

Technical tie-up… Seoyun Song 

- Cooperation companies -

ASAHI Culture Co., Ltd.

- Introduced the products of the following companies -

(alphabetical order)

​Eurobotonia - Industria de Botoes, Lda.

Morgan Hoops & Stands,Inc.

Syujichi Banong

Our Creator Team


Chizuko Soma 



Syujichi Banong

Seoyun Song


Syujichi Banong

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